Moving Home In Dunsborough

Recently we were contacted by a Dunsborough resident who needed us to help them move their belongings from their house in Dunsborough they they had sold faster than they expected. They were moving to another house in Dunsborough for a few months and then onto their final destination - Fremantle.

Unfortunately the client had been suffering from Ross River Virus all year and feeling a little better had planned to borrow a trailer and perform the move to their new place by themselves. A few days before the move he had got sick again and was physically unable to perform the task of loading up all their belonging including fridges, heavy tables and fragile televisions and furniture. After a few calls to other Busselton and Dunsborough based removalists, he had not been able to secure anyone to do the move - or do it at a reasonable price.

He contacted us and within five minutes we had arranged to do the move on the day he needed and agreed on a price. He expressed great surprise at our price saying it was exactly half the next best quote! In fact he said the price we quoted was so good, they were worried our service may be compromised. But as the couple found out, our removalist team is highly professional and with years of experience working with some of Australia's biggest removalist companies, they are fast, efficient and highly skilled.

As promised our house moving team arrived on time and set about moving their furniture and belongings to their temporary residence in Dunsborough. The total house move took four hours door to door and this included three refrigerators, two huge flat screen televisions, two large beds, tv and display units, desks, two sets of couches and plenty of fragile items and even six bikes! All items were securely packed on our specially built removalist truck and moved with utmost care. All items arrived safely! 

The client was impressed saying that he'd planned to spend all Friday and the weekend moving items back and forth. We had the job completed by Friday lunchtime! They had planned to hire a truck and perform their move to Perth themselves later in the year, but after asking us for a quote, they booked us on the spot. 

If you are looking for a professional removalist in Dunsborough, Busselton, Capel and all areas around, give us a call and deal with an honest, family run business who puts you first and does  their absolute best to make your move as stress free as possible.